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Enjoy smaller, more shapely breasts using state-of-the-art breast reduction techniques. Our double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. D’Agostino, can help you achieve the look you’ve always wanted with a breast reduction procedure performed at 5th Avenue Plastic Surgery.

What is Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction aims to reshape and reduce the size and projection of the breasts. This procedure is highly customizable, with many options for incision patterns, the amount of tissue removed, and more. Breast reduction surgery helps to create a smaller and more proportionate chest size.

Breast reduction can:

  • Improve self-confidence
  • Decrease back, shoulder and neck  pain
  • Decrease skin irritation
  • Make shopping for clothes easier


Recovery Time

4-6 Weeks

Type of Anesthesia

General anesthesia

Breast Reduction Candidates

To be considered a good candidate for Revision Breast Surgery, you should be in overall good health, a non-smoker, and have a BMI of 30 or less. Dr. D’Agoststino also recommends that her patients be at a stable weight for at least 6 months. Most women who opt for breast reduction aim to have more proportionate breasts. Overly large breasts can cause physical and emotional problems. Ideal candidates include individuals who:

  • Have concerns about their breast size
  • Struggle to participate in physical activity due to breast size
  • Experience physical discomfort in the back, neck, and shoulders
  • Struggle from skin irritation under the breast and shoulder indentations from their bra straps

Breast reduction can easily be combined with a breast lift or included in a mommy makeover. If you plan to become pregnant or breastfeed, Dr. D’Agostino can discuss your options for taking extra steps accordingly.

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The Breast Reduction Procedure

Breast reduction begins by administering anesthesia. Dr. D’Agostino will reposition the nipple and remove unwanted volume while lifting and shaping the remaining breast tissue. In certain cases, the nipple and areola must be entirely removed and repositioned. The incisions will be closed with absorbable sutures and a drain may be placed.

Breast Reduction Recovery

Breast reduction typically requires 2-3 weeks of downtime. You’ll be instructed to limit your activity level and focus on resting throughout this phase, regularly checking in with our team to monitor your progress. One necessary step is wearing a specialized surgical bra, which helps support your new breasts and relieves pressure from your incisions. Our medical professionals will provide detailed instructions on caring for your incisions, taking medications, and more during your pre-operative appointment. It may take up to six weeks to resume your normal activities. Your immediate results after surgery include reduced breast size and volume, improved breast shape, increased physical comfort, and heightened self-confidence.

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Breast reduction can help minimize pain and create more proportionate and shapely breasts. Our double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. D’Agostino at 5th Avenue Plastic Surgery, can help you achieve your desired look. Contact our office today by calling or booking an appointment through our online platform.

The best quality of care and results!

The best quality of care and results! Excellent doctors, nurses, and staff!

– Maura H

Dr.D is amazing and truly the best!

The results are better than I imagined and I am so grateful to have found Dr. D. I couldn’t have made a better choice then choosing Dr.D for my surgery. She is one of a kind!

I am extremely pleased with Dr. D’Agostino.

I am extremely pleased with Dr. D’Agostino. She is always on time, personable and kind! She walked me through every step of my procedure, removed all of my cancer and did an amazing job. My scar is barely noticeable at just a couple weeks after my procedure. I will definitely be back for any other cosmetic needs.

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