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The appearance of your breasts can have a significant impact on your self-confidence, and often, their shape is not easily changed through diet or exercise. Genetics, age, and lifestyle play substantial roles in the appearance of breasts. Fortunately, there are various plastic surgery procedures that can enhance and rejuvenate the aesthetic appearance of your breasts. Choosing the right procedure for you may be a challenging decision, but with the guidance of our highly skilled double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. D’Agostino, at 5th Avenue Plastic Surgery, can help you determine the surgical options that align with your goals. 

Why Breast Rejuvenation Procedures? 

Breast rejuvenation surgery offers many benefits to patients allowing them to alter their breasts to the shape, size, and position that they dream of. Changes in your breasts that have occurred with time, weight changes, after pregnancy, or birth asymmetries that you wish to correct can be achieved. Whether you are looking to change the amount of breast volume, lift the breasts, correct the position of your areolas, improve size or projection of nipples, we have a breast procedure for your needs.  

The right procedure can definitely improve your aesthetic appearance, boosting your confidence and affecting your overall quality of life. Breast implants, excess skin or tissue removal, fat transfers, and internal bra are just a few of the innovative surgical techniques that can be used on the breasts. At 5th Avenue Plastic Surgery, we look forward to improving your life  and helping you achieve the aesthetics and confidence that you deserve. Continue reading to see a list of the highly sought-after breast procedures that we offer at 5th Avenue Plastic Surgery in Delray Beach, FL.  

Procedures Offered 

  • Breast Augmentation 
  • Breast Lift 
  • Breast Reduction 
  • Breast Implant Exchange 
  • Revision Breast Surgery 
  • Nipple Correction Surgery 
  • Fat Transfer 
  • Axillary Roll “Bra Roll” Liposuction 
  • Internal Bra Placement 
  • Breast Symmetrization  

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