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As you age, you may start to notice the upper lip losing volume, becoming longer, and covering your upper teeth. A lip lift procedure is an effective way to reduce visible signs of aging in the upper lip. As you age, you can decrease lip volume, downturn corners, cover upper lips, and smoker lines, which can begin to affect your confidence.

What is a Lip Lift?

Various lip lift procedures include the central lip lift that shortens the upper lip and uncovers the upper teeth. The lip lift procedure helps increase the upper lip by decreasing the area between the nose and upper lip.

This treatment does not aim to augment the lip but elevates the upper lip area to make it larger, reduce fine lines, and remove excess skin that makes the upper lip start to sag. The incision for the procedure is hidden at the nose’s base.


Recovery Time

1 Week

Anesthesia Type

Local anesthesia or sedation

Lip Lift Candidates

Individuals interested in a lip lift and in generally good health may be ideal candidates for the procedure. Those experiencing visible signs of aging around the mouth area, such as a thin upper lip and no upper teeth showing when the lips are parted, can be great candidates for a lip lift procedure.

The Lip Lift Procedure

You may receive anesthesia during the lip lift procedure to minimize discomfort. Dr. Tzikas or Dr. Mascaró then makes an incision under the nose to lift the lip upwards.

In the gull-wing lip lift, the lips’ coloring is accentuated by removing unwanted skin and tissues under the nose area.

A subnasal lip lift involves removing a smaller amount of tissue under the nose area; the skin is then connected to this area, giving the lip a lifted appearance with more redness displayed.

A corner lip lift occurs when the outer corners of the lips naturally turn down. This procedure corrects the issue by making incisions along the edge of the upper-outer lip. Triangles of tissue are removed to help turn the lips upwards. This technique is also used to correct an overly deep lower lip groove.

Lip Lift Recovery

After surgery, your sutures will be removed in a follow-up appointment a few days after the surgery. You can expect the lips to have mild bruising and swelling for the next one to two weeks. Lip lift incisions may take six to eight weeks to start appearing better. As you get used to your new lips, you may notice some tightness in the area for the next two to four months. Results are long-lasting, lasting a lifetime. It is essential to wear sun protection and take care of the skin to reduce future aging of the skin. Follow-up appointments should be scheduled to ensure that you are healing properly.

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