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Lena Jarborg - Palm Beach, FL

I have always been happy with the way I look but time affects both skin elasticity and skin firmness. It seems like it all happens overnight. Working with Dr. Tzikas for the past three  years has proven to me that facial plastic surgery really can give you back years of youth when done right. I have seen many faces and can honestly say Dr. Tzikas is the most amazing surgeon as well as a wonderful and caring person; just simply said the best. Thank you Dr. Tzikas and staff for taking such good care of me.

Margee Appel - Boynton Beach, FL

What can I say? Dr. Tzikas and his staff are remarkable, capable, thorough, and efficient. Their kindness and consideration go beyond a doctor’s calling and the results are beyond what one might hope to expect. My friends and I compliment all that he has done for us and we will continue to share his accomplishments with all whom we know. My hope is that he stays healthy and is always here for all of us who want to remain beautiful and youthful.

See before/after photo's

Rosalie Schneider - Highland Beach, FL

Personal recommendations are first and foremost in picking any physician. I had seen Dr. Tzikas work, checked out his very impressive credentials, and decided he was the surgeon I wanted to see. He made a careful analysis of my face and his execution of my surgery was incredible. I thought only a magician could rid me of my saggy, baggy neck! The result is truly amazing and so very natural looking. On two occasions after my procedures, I needed Dr. Tzikas after office hours and on the weekend. He immediately picked up his cell phone and graciously dealt with my issues.


Victoria Martin - Australia

I have travelled long distance on three separate occasions to see Dr. Tzikas for help with issues for which I couldn’t find a solution closer to home. My attention was drawn to him by the delicate subtlety of the results on his website and his many years of familiarity with the fat transfer process. Dr.Tzikas’ aesthetic eye is swift and astute, his approach is efficient but warm. His staff is courteous, considerate and wonderfully down-to-earth. There truly is a family-feel in the practice: I will never forget the kindness that has been shown me on each visit, making me feel cared for and special.

Elena Hansen - Norway

I chose Dr. Tzikas based on his experience and reputation, previous patient reviews, and the level of attention I received when dealing with him and his staff. I felt at ease with Dr. Tzikas after my first appointment. I was pleased with the level of service . Dr. Tzikas’ staff is courteous, professional, and always a pleasure to work with. Dr. Tzikas took time to answer all my questions and address my concerns. I felt confident and comfortable before the procedure took place and the staff could not have been more caring. Choosing Dr. Tzikas as my surgeon is the best decision I could have made! He is the best of the best.