Why You Need To Spend More Time Thinking About Juvederm XC


The way that we look plays a significant role in how other people view us, and how we feel about ourselves.

Noticing the signs of aging on your face can be troubling, and can negatively impact your sense of self-worth.

The intent of cosmetic surgery and procedures is to help people like you restore your former self while enhancing your natural beauty so that you can feel confident and vibrant, even as the years pass by.

One of the fastest and safest ways to improve your appearance is through the use of injectable fillers, and namely, hyaluronic fillers like Juvederm® XC.

By taking the time to learn about these hyaluronic fillers, you can begin to make plans to improve your looks and boost your self-esteem.

Breaking Down Hyaluronic Fillers

Because injectables like Botox® are so well-known, you, like many other Americans, may mistakenly believe that all injectables perform the same functions and act the same. In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

As neurotoxins, Botox® and similar substances work to relax muscles where they are injected. This makes them ideal for treating lines that have formed as a result of movement.

Hyaluronic fillers, on the other hand, work to add volume to the skin and smooth away wrinkles or folds.

When your skin is young and healthy, it contains an abundance of a naturally hydrating substance known as hyaluronic acid (HA). As you grow older, though, exposure to the sun and other factors can actually lower the amount of HA present in your skin. When this happens, your skin will lose structure and volume. The end result is those bothersome facial wrinkles and folds. To counter this process, hyaluronic fillers can be injected into problem areas to bring back that volume and to smooth away unwanted imperfections.

Hyaluronic Fillers have been used in the cosmetic market since 1996 when it was introduced in Europe. In 2003 the first hyaluronic fillers were approved by the U.S. FDA as a wrinkle treatment with Juvederm® XC being approved and deemed safe by the FDA in 2006.

The Power of Juvederm® XC

On the whole, hyaluronic fillers are preferable to collagens because they significantly reduce the risk for complications, are minimally invasive, and create a more comfortable experience for the patient.

If you’ve been giving any thought to having this type of cosmetic work done to your face, you’ll definitely want to consider Juvederm® XC. It’s one of the most effective and durable hyaluronic fillers available, is the most comfortable, and is the only FDA approved filler of its kind for use on persons of color.

5 Things to Know About Using Juvederm® XC

1. You need a qualified surgeon

Keep in mind that Juvederm® XC has only been approved for cosmetic use in the US since 2006. This means that there are some surgeons who may not have experience in using it. To ensure that you’ll get the results you deserve, you absolutely must select a surgeon who has a history of successfully injecting patients with Juvederm and other hyaluronic fillers.

2. It’s extremely safe

There are very few risks associated with Juvederm® XC, but it comes with a safety net. In the event that too much is injected or a problem arises, it’s totally reversible.

3. It’s long-lasting

The effects of Juvederm® XC will last for 9 months or more, which means that you will need fewer injections to preserve your stunning looks.

4. It’s more comfortable

There may be some initial swelling after the procedure, but this is short-lived and you will immediately notice the improvement of your appearance and soft, comfortable, natural-feeling skin.

5. Is it right for you?

Although an excellent hyaluronic filler, your surgeon will need to evaluate your skin type, any medications you may be taking, and other factors to make certain that Juvederm® XC is the best fit. Be open minded about this, trust your surgeon’s judgment, and feel free to ask why or why not he feels it is right for your needs.

It’s important to talk to a reputable professional to determine whether Juvederm® XC is the best fit for your needs, and if you are a good candidate for the procedure. Do not hesitate to contact Dr. Tzikas today, as he is more than happy to set up a consultation to answer any questions you may have about Juvederm® XC.