What To Expect In A World-Class Facelift Experience


Imagine walking into a beautiful, pristine and modern looking office complete with gentle waterfalls, koi fish ponds at the entryway, and smiling staff at the front desk who welcome you like you were their own family.

As the morning sun shines in through the large glass windows, a smiling member of our staff brings you a cup of coffee just the way you like it.  You take a seat in a comfortable leather chair in the open waiting space and think about how in just a month you could be looking 10 years younger…

If you’re considering facial plastic surgery such as a facelift and necklift, it’s important to find a surgeon and a practice that truly cares about making you look your absolute best while providing a completely comfortable experience fit for a king or queen.

The truth is, the difference between a caring and skilled surgeon and one who is less experienced can be life-altering.

However, a renowned surgeon that you can trust, along with a luxurious experience, will help you erase time and enjoy life with a rejuvenated look that lasts for many years to come.

Read more to learn what to expect and look forward to in a world-class facelift experience.

1. You Can Look Forward To Looking 10 Years Younger

You may be at a point in life where you feel good as ever and life is very enjoyable with a calendar full of social activities, leisure travel and relaxing time at home.  You take good care of your health and exercise precaution when caring for your skin, although time and gravity might make it hard for you to look as good as you feel with skin care treatments and Botox alone.

As much as you’re dreaming about what it would be like to look 10 years younger, the commitment to finally getting a face and neck lift might make you a little anxious.  Finding the right surgeon and getting the most natural results possible are important to you.

Rest assured there are some very amazing surgeons out there and that this entire process from finding the right surgeon to finally getting the surgery will result in the rewarding, permanent and youthful look you’re after.

2. Expect Natural Looking Results

Gravity and volume loss are main causes of the skin loosening and sagging.  Fat is descending in the jowl and jaw line and skin and muscles are relaxing in the neck area, as well.

A traditional facelift and necklift elevates and tightens the skin of the middle and bottom of the face plus the neck area.  When done well, this procedure shouldn’t stretch and over extend the tissue, but rather provide a natural-looking lift.

A key component to aid in a natural, rejuvenated look is lipografting, also known as fat grafting.  Simply put, fat grafting is the transfer of a patient’s fat from one area of the body to another, helping add volume back to the areas being lifted.  Fat grafting creates a long-lasting (7 – 10 years), soft and natural look like the patient once had 10 – 15 years ago. (To read more about fat grafting, click here).  Adding fat to the proper areas of the face results in a natural softening of the overall facial contour.

Not all surgeons are very experienced or skilled in fat grafting and many still do not practice it.  We believe that this makes it almost impossible to achieve the most natural look possible for a majority of patients who may not even be aware of the option. The goal of any facial rejuvenation procedure is to have a result that goes does not change the overall appearance of a patient.  One should still look like themselves after these procedures.

For optimum results, your surgeon may also suggest a browlift, eyelid surgery, and laser skin resurfacing to provide a comprehensive rejuvenation.

When it comes to face and neck lift best practices, remember that good things come to those who wait.  While there are face and neck lift procedures out there that promise quick surgeries and local anesthesia, they do not provide long lasting results.  They very likely lack the precision and artistry needed to bring out the absolutely best, beautiful and youthful-look you.

3. Look For An Attentive, Caring Surgeon and Staff

A skilled surgeon who cares about his patients will be honest and realistic about what can and can’t, should or shouldn’t be done surgically.  He or she will spend a good amount of time listening to your wants and needs and educating you on what he or she knows will work best for the framework of your face and condition of your skin.

If you don’t feel comfortable with your doctor during the consultation, try a few more consultations with other doctors and do a comparison.  Ensure they have a good reputation, interview other patients on their experience, and check out the practice’s accreditations.

A beautiful face is like a fine piece of art that only a truly talented artist (who also happens to be a surgeon) can achieve with your precious face for the world to see.  Expect your facelift to be done by a surgeon who considers his work an art and his patients as people who deserve the very best.

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