How to Achieve Soft, Supple Hands With Fat Grafting


Did you know that body language is responsible for as much as 80% of the messages you communicate to the world?

In addition to posture and facial expressions, the hands are an integral part of nonverbal communication and are a continual focus of others’ attention.

Soft, supple hands are a delicate and subtle feature that contribute to our overall presentation on a daily basis–one that may attribute to our look more than we realize.  Often it’s not something we notice about ourselves until significant changes happen that come with age.

The good news is that this subtle feature of our bodies can be enhanced permanently in one simple appointment with a procedure called fat grafting. Your hands can be made so soft and smooth that you’ll love communicating to the world at large, verbally and nonverbally.

Fat grafting (also known as fat transfer or lipografting) is a unique anti-aging procedure that replaces lost skin volume with fat cells extracted from your own body.

Once your procedure is complete, this new padding will become anchored and integrated into your hands’ vascular system, yielding long-term results. The spaces between tendons are filled and prominent veins will be tucked away.

When combined with laser skin resurfacing, the skin on your hands will both look and feel soft, supple and renewed.

How Does Fat Grafting for the Hands Work?

Fat grafting is a revolutionary anti-aging cosmetic procedure that removes excess fatty tissue from one area of your body and transplants it to another. It can be used similarly to dermal fillers to erase wrinkles and lines from around the forehead, eyes, nose and face, but can also be used on the back (dorsal) of the hands to create a more youthful and even surface.

When fat transfer is used on the hands, the doctor will remove fat cells from discrete locations on your body, traditionally the thighs, hips and or abdomen.

This fat is put through a purification process as well as a centrifuge, which spins the fatty tissue at high speeds and separates its components. This ensures that the fat cells transferred to your hands are viable and healthy.

These carefully harvested cells can be stored for as long as a year so you can use them for additional cosmetic procedures if you so choose.

Fat transfer requires a high-level of expertise and artistry so it is important to choose a plastic surgeon who is experienced with fat transferring procedures.

The fat should be injected in multiple locations, using a blunt cannula, as opposed to sharp needles, to minimize the risk of damage to surrounding nerve and vein tissue. In order for the new fat cells to anchor permanently and disperse evenly across the surface of the hand, it needs to be injected using a precise feathering, or weaving, technique, which is something select surgeons are able to do.

The final effects of fat grafting for the hands are not plump hands, but rather younger hands with firmer and smoother skin and with minimal tendon and vein visibility.

Once your hands have healed from the fat transfer procedure you must take special precautions to keep them looking their best.

Pamper Yourself After Fat Grafting to Enjoy Younger Hands for Years to Come

We recommend pairing fat grafting for the hands with laser skin resurfacing procedures for holistically appealing results.

Laser skin resurfacing will help to even your skin tone, remove rough patches, sun damage and liver spots, and will help to stimulate collagen production, which increases the natural support and elasticity of the skin.

Then, it is up to you to give your hands the care they deserve. We recommend that you:

  • Wear gloves. Wear gloves whenever you are working outside, cleaning or washing dishes, or when your hands will be exposed to water, abrasive substances or harsh chemicals. This can do wonders for preserving delicate skin.
  • Apply sunscreen regularly. Sun is the skin’s enemy. Always wear sunscreen on your hands, as well as your face, neck and other exposed body parts when you are outside.
  • Use a high-quality moisturizer. Use a high-quality skin replenisher and moisturizer such as NIA24® Sun Damage Repair. It is a nutrient-rich moisturizer that delivers intense hydration to replenish skin cells while simultaneously diminishing age spots and discolorations.
  • Pamper yourself. Visit an aesthetician regularly for deep exfoliation and massage using rejuvenating essential oils.

After your combination procedures, your hands will look beautiful and rejuvenated and you’ll be able to display them with confidence.

Don’t be surprised when friends and family comment on your hands’ transformation.

Whether or not you let them in on your secret, well, that might be one thing you choose to keep to yourself. There’s no need to communicate everything.

To find out of if you’re a candidate for these procedures, contact us for a free consultation appointment with Dr. Tzikas by calling 561.330.9500 or clicking the button below.