Fat Transfer Success: How to Find The Right Facial Plastic Surgeon


How to Find Skilled Hands in the Art of Fat Transfer

You only live once.  Today, the choices of how we can look and live this life are endless.

Beyond living healthy and stress-free for a longer and more enjoyable life, there are cosmetic advances that help us maintain a vibrant and youthful face to share with the world.

One of those cosmetic advances include a procedure called fat transfer (or fat grafting). Fat transfer can yield age-defying results that are dramatically rejuvenating yet subtle and completely natural-looking.

In order to reap the benefits of this highly-customized anti-aging procedure, you must enlist the artistic talents of a true master who can yield the desired results.

Your transformation can be nothing short of miraculous, but the key is to find the right facial plastic surgeon for your procedures.

Finding the right plastic surgeon requires an investment of time on your part as you schedule consultations, view before-and-after pictures and read honest referrals and testimonials from satisfied clients.

But this is an essential step to ensuring your investment will be returned manifold via an age-reversing facial procedure that enhances your natural beauty, highlights your best features and makes you look (and feel) years younger.

Here’s How You Can Enjoy Enviable and Long-Lasting Cosmetic Procedures You Deserve

The following steps can assist you in finding the right plastic surgeon for fat transfer, facial injectables and other cosmetic surgery procedures.

  • Observe and question.

A plastic surgeon’s finished work is his masterpiece. Ask the doctor for a list of recent patients you can interview.  Finding a consistency in desirable results proves you’re commissioning a plastic surgeon whose work you admire.

When you meet someone who has had impeccable plastic surgery, get a referral. This is even more true when you are meeting them a year or more after the procedure was performed.

  • Schedule a consultation.

Patients should consistently feel at ease, encouraged to ask questions and 100% confident that the plastic surgeon is “the only one” for them.

Look for this kind of experience for yourself, and in other patients you interview.

A positive relationship with a plastic surgeon can last for decades, so in this instance recent patients and long-standing patients are good for testimonials and interviewing.

Satisfied clients of great facial plastic surgeons often use terminology akin to that of romantic relationships to describe their surgeon, including “love”, “trust” and “the only one for me.”

  • Check their credentials.

Never schedule a procedure with any facial plastic surgeon who isn’t board certified.

You can verify a surgeon’s credentials on the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ABFPRS) website.

Additional credentials include things like:

  • Being labeled a pioneer for particular techniques.

The best plastic surgeons are considered pioneers in their field, continuously dedicating time and effort to honing and perfecting their craft. They may have even invented procedures, techniques and procedure-specific instruments or tools.

  • Published research and educational articles.

Find a plastic surgeon who is not only tapping the pulse of modern innovation and technology but who pioneers these improvements. Search for published research and/or articles. Is the surgeon sought out for his expertise and booked for lectures and speaking engagements? These are all positive signs.

  • Top-notch facilities.

Ideally, you want fat grafting and other cosmetic surgical procedures performed by a surgeon who uses on-site surgical facilities, equipped for overnight stays. The surgeon should employ staff such as Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA’s).

  • International Rapport.

As mentioned before, an artist’s work speaks for itself. Highly-skilled plastic surgeons have testimonials from clients willing to travel around the world because the surgeon’s work is so admired.

They are willing to tell a patient, “No.”

The best plastic surgeons are willing to tell a patient, “No.” He will only perform procedures that are in the patient’s best interest. Valued plastic surgeons are dedicated to providing outstanding outcomes for both their patients and their own reputations. Be wary of any surgeon who seems overeager for business.

He will rarely have the most affordable fees.

If a plastic surgeon offers total procedural costs that are too good to be true, they probably are. You are saving money at the expense of the final outcome. Surgeons who value their patients’ results, and their craft, are thorough.

For example, facelifts and eyelid surgeries can result in an angular, stretched or even gaunt look if the doctor doesn’t take his time to integrate fat grafting procedures to restore lost facial volume and create a softer, younger effect. While this may cost extra, it is a worthwhile investment.

Ready to meet a facial plastic surgeon who is a master at his craft? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Tzikas and you’ll know you’ve found “The One.”