A Beginner’s Guide to BOTOX


Your natural beauty isn’t something to hide.  Rejuvenating your look can really let the best of you shine and cosmetic injectables, like BOTOX®, are made to help.

Before you can make plans to move forward with a BOTOX® treatment, it’s important that you have a comprehensive understanding of the product.

Many people mistakenly believe that this particular injectable is a “cure-­all” for aging skin, when in reality, this is not the case. In order to get the most out of your experience with BOTOX®, you must first be aware of what its effects actually are, its limitations, and what you can expect in terms of longevity.

BOTOX®: A Breakdown

As much as we would love to be able to put the brakes on the aging process, it’s inevitable. As the years go by, numerous factors will impact the appearance of our skin. In addition to collagen depletion and hormonal and cellular changes, exposure to the sun and repeated muscle movements will take their toll.While we can’t stop this from happening, products likeBOTOX® cosmetic make it possible to reverse these effects and restore a natural, youthful beauty to the face.

BOTOX® cosmetic is an FDA­-approved prescription medication that is injected into the muscles as a means of reducing the look of moderate -to-­severe wrinkles in lines.

Typically, the product works most effectively in areas in the upper region of the face, such as the forehead, in between the eyebrows, and around the eyes. As a neurotoxin, injectables like BOTOX® are designed to relax muscles that are subject to frequent movement.

While the product works excellently in the upper facial areas, patients should understand that it can’t correct every facial detail. When deep lines are set around the nose and mouth, for example, another type of injectable, known as a dermal filler, may be what your facial plastic surgeon recommends.

Preparing for a BOTOX® Treatment

BOTOX® injections are safe, quick, and non­invasive. For maximum safety and best results, it’s wise to disclose your medical history to your surgeon, and discuss any medications that you may be taking which could react with the product.

Before the neurotoxin is injected, your surgeon will cleanse the skin. Because the needles used are short, they cause minimal discomfort and anesthetics are usually unnecessary.

The procedure will take only 10­-20 minutes to complete, at which time you will be free to go home.

Enjoying the ‘New You’

The beauty of wrinkle reducers like BOTOX® is that their effects can be noticed within a few days following your procedure; you can enjoy feeling more confident about your overall appearance as the treated muscles continue to relax and significant improvements shine through.

Although the injectable reduces the activity of muscles that can create frown lines and other wrinkles, you will still have the ability to make use of these muscles so that you will appear natural and beautiful.

The exact results of the treatment will vary from person to person, but you can generally expect that the product will work for 3-­6 months, at which time you can restore your looks with another simple procedure.

Is BOTOX® Right for You?

Millions of people around the world have undergone BOTOX® treatments and have been greatly satisfied with the results, but it’s always important to discuss the procedure with your surgeon. Typically, if you’re in good health and have noticed wrinkles as a result of muscle movement, you’ll be a good candidate for the product.

Every person has their own unique set of cosmetic desires. There’s no “one size fits all” method for treating facial imperfections, and as such, it’s very important that you talk with a trusted cosmetic surgeon about your candidacy for BOTOX® injections, and what other procedures may be right for you.

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