5 Ways BELOTERO BALANCE® Can Boost Your Beauty


Your natural beauty shines through as a result of things you might do daily to maintain and enhance your look. Things like a new haircut or shade of lipstick are noticeable and clearly no secret.

There are also ways to give your beauty a significant boost while keeping your friends guessing about what it is you’ve had done.

Long-lasting, natural-looking and radiant results are easy to achieve with something called BELOTERO BALANCE®.

BELOTERO BALANCE® is an FDA-approved dermal filler that gently erases facial lines, creases and folds that appear and deepen as we age.

Dermal fillers are administered through injection (which is why dermal fillers are commonly referred to as injectables) by a facial plastic surgeon and can be done in as little as 20 to 45 minutes depending on the target areas you desire to improve.

Improvement can be seen immediately with BELOTERO BALANCE® and results last up to 9 to 12 months.

How Does BELOTERO BALANCE® Balance Actually Work?

In order to understand how BELOTERO BALANCE® works, you must understand what doesn’t work during the aging process. As we age, our body slows down the production ofhyaluronic acid.

This acid is instrumental in creating the structure and volume of our skin. Once its production slows down, the skin loses its structure and elasticity, and falls victim to gravity.

At first, these changes are hardly noticeable. However, as time marches on, the lines and creases that were barely there become obvious. BELOTERO BALANCE® replaces these valuable hyaluronic acid stores, restoring your skin as it was.

That is one of the most remarkable and desirable things about BELOTERO BALANCE®; it’s not about having work done, it’s about allowing your own youthful beauty shine through.

In fact, in testimonial after testimonial, clients who have used BELOTERO BALANCE®comment on how they were so happy to see their own face as it was before the lines and wrinkles appeared. There is nothing different, or unnatural, about it.

This injectable can provide wonderful enhancements for your skin.  Here are five ways you can look forward to that rejuvenating boost:

Five Ways BELOTERO BALANCE® Can Boost Your Beauty

  1. Smooth crow’s feet.

    Are those little lines at the outsides of your eyes becoming more pronounced? BELOTERO BALANCE® is a gentle way to eliminate them while maintaining the normal movement of your delicate eye tissues so your eyes always smile with you.

  2. Eliminate nasolabial folds.

    Your nasolabial folds run down from the outer edges of your nose to the exterior borders of your mouth. As the aging process continues, and your skin loses volume, what used to be lines can become more dramatic folds. BELOTERO BALANCE® will fill this area, which eliminates the folds, resulting a smooth transition between your upper and lower face.

  3. Erase those smile lines.

    The good news is they were caused by smiles; the bad news is they may make you look older. BELOTERO BALANCE® is subtle enough to smooth out your smile lines, leaving the skin soft and supple so your smile will be brighter than ever.

  4. Get rid of the marionette lines.

    Just as a marionette’s puppet has distinct vertical lines running from the outer edges of the mouth and down the chin, we are prone to a similar crease as collagen and hyaluronic acid stores diminish with age. These unsightly lines virtually disappear with a single treatment of BELOTERO BALANCE®.

  5. Plump your lips.

    Your lips are another victim of the aging process. Fine lines and wrinkles, combined with loss of volume, can yield a pinched expression. BELOTERO BALANCE® is so gentle it can be used to plump up this delicate area so your lips look fuller, younger and more sensual again. It is also very effective to combat smoker’s lines.

After Your Appointment

Once the injections are completed your skin will be slightly tender, but this will fade within just a few days. Most clients experience an immediate difference and the benefits will continue to develop over the following week as the hyaluronic acid integrates with your facial tissues.

The results last for up to 9 to 12 months. At that point, you may simply return to the office for a touchup to maintain your youthful radiance.

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